A Thousand Miles

We’d been on holiday in the south of France. I’d had this crazy idea we could drive the 900 plus journey in my 1996 Nissan Largo.

We broke down twice, Jean and the kids had to get a plane home and after three and a half weeks trying to get the van fixed I was finally on the road home. It was an expensive trip but I got this song out of it.

I was thinking I should really be
A thousand miles away today
But sometimes you can’t help where you find yourself
And it funny cos I heard someone
In a song on a cd say today
Where you are is where you really find yourself
And I’ll be the first to admit
I don’t know what I’m doing here
I don’t know if the hat that I’m wearing fits
I put it on ‘cos I saw it there

I always thought that you could have more fun
Out of your comfort zone
But now I’m here I don’t think it’s always the way
Now that I’ve seen where the grass is green
I’d like to be back at home
And if I could leave I’d pack up and go today
I sometimes wonder if the race I’m in
Is the race I’m supposed to run
I just happened to be there on the line
And I started when I heard the gun

And I’ve been looking for some direction
To make me feel OK
But maybe the choices are up to me
It’s for me to seize the day
I had a friend who always said
Make the most of what comes your way
It’s about growing up, its about being tough
And the choices you’ve got to make