The Tour So Far

Halfway through the Wild Horses Tour and it’s been an amazing journey so far. Nottingham, Glasgow, Bathgate, Stirling, Killin, Saltcoats, Coventry and Reading – all brilliant nights with fantastic people so thanks for coming along, supporting the tour, laughing, crying, clapping and singing at the right times. As normal, I make the night up as […]

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Be Bigger

What can you do? You can comfort the heartbroken. You can hold the abandoned. You can be a shelter for the lost. You can be the peace in the confusion. You can be the start of healing You can be bigger than hatred You can love You can love You can love When my dad […]

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In the Paper

On the run up to the Wild Horses launch I had a grand time on the BBC with brody Swain. He even wrote about it in the newspaper 🙂   Singer Songwriter Rob Halligan joined me on the show last week to play live in the studio and tell me about his new album. He […]

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The Heroes Tour

Just got back from a great trip to Scotland with Adrian and Bridget Plass and David rinse from Searchlight Theatre. We had some brilliant shows and some amazing local heroes who braved the microphone and Adrians grilling! We are surrounded by amazing unsung heroes, you know. It’s wonderful. It was a long trip, 1500 miles […]

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Why Should We Care

I often say that the one thing that changed my life, ‘converted me’ if you like, was people being Jesus to me rather than any preaching or teaching. If there was a song that really got me it was “Something To Believe In” by the Ramones. No hymns or choruses or well intentioned gospel story […]

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