All We Need Is Love

People tend to think this is a love song, especially as the versions on “Another Fine Mess” and “The New York Sessions” are duets. In truth it was written as a result of a friendship I had with someone I had a lot of respect for turning sour.


Why do you say what you say In the way that you say it
Why do you look at me like I’m not there
Why do you deal a hand and then don’t play it
Why does it seem to me that you don’t care
You don’t care

Why do I try to act like I’m feeling stronger
Why do you try to act like you don’t know
Why do we let this pain go on any longer
When all we need to do is let it go
Just let it go

Cos there’s been to much fighting
Been to much hurting
All we need is love
So much not liking
And dishing the dirt in
All we need is love
All we need is love

How many times will you cover my sun with your storming
How many times will you turn my blue skies grey
When are we going to walk in each others sunrise
Instead of trudging along through each others rain

What does it matter if I’m right or wrong
It’s just pride getting in the way
Trying to be cool and trying to stay strong
When All I have is crumbling away