Another Fine Mess

One of my heroes is the guy who says to Jesus, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief!” It’s like saying, “Jesus, I believe but actually, I don’t, or at least I’m finding it pretty hard to believe right now and I need some help”. I think God’s ok with that. He doesn’t get insecure with our doubts, which is good, isn’t it? 

Prayers to the angels
Prayers to the saints
Prayers to the one who made it all
Prayers to our fathers
And the TV fakes
And words that bounce off the wall

Forgive me if I’m speaking out of line
I believe but unbelief is playing on my mind

Can you hear me again
Like when we were friends
And you held me and you loved me
And told me I could depend on you
Be here again
Cos I’m calling your name
Its another fine mess that you’ll find me in

I started this race
But the track disappeared
Now it feels like I’m running in the dark
This wouldn’t have happen
If you’d have been here
How can you mend a shattered heart

I’m thirsty but the waters dry and there’s no relief
I believe but wont you help me in my unbelief

©2012  Rob  Halligan  –  Blatant  Promotions