As You Started On The Way

As you started on the way
That the Father bid you go
To show His love
And build the church of God.
The Father laid upon you
The burden of His grace;
If you carry it you’ll never be alone.
And the burden that He gave you
Would always be your friend;
Though sometimes painful,
His grace would never end.

Do you carry the anointing,
The burden of His love? (repeat)

2. As you journey in His footsteps,
Trying hard to do His will
The burden’s heavy
And the road ahead is hard.
Jesus said His yoke is easy,
But if we take our eyes off Him,
Everything seems shrouded in the dark.
We’re chosen by the Father
To be light to the world,
Demonstrators of His kingdom,
Proclaimers of His love.

©1996  Rob  Halligan  –  Blatant  Promotions