Bigger Than That

It’s depressing the things that we fall out about. Some stupid petty things can rip relationships, communities and lives apart. Sometimes Christians are the biggest couplets and the church, rather than being the thing that’s supposed to demonstrate unity becomes a by-word for division.

Well I’ve seen a lot of hatred
And I’ve seen a lot of pain
And I’ve seen a lot war
They’re fighting again and again and again
They say that God is on their side
And they say that that’s a fact
But I think that God’s bigger than that

I’ve heard them say he’ll go to hell
The man who loves a man
And the woman in the pulpit
Who’s she’s teaching like she can
Cos everything has been worked out
And tradition has to stand
But I think that God’s bigger than that

Some say that I’m a liberal
Some say that I’m a saint
But I’m just a messed up sinner
Working out my faith
I don’t say that I know it all
And I pick apart the facts
And if there’s a God I think He’s ok with that

He made friends with criminals
And hung around with hoars
Had dinner with a con man
And the poorest of the poor
Had no time for the proud elite
Or their self righteous act
Because God is love and love’s bigger than that

God know that to get things right
Ain’t no easy feat
And I know that salvation’s free
But I know that it ain’t cheap
He said the way is narrow
But grace will cover that
And to tell the truth I’m Ok with that

©2018 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions