Birds Have Nests

©2012 Rob Halligan– Blatant Promotions

The lights of the world will soon be fading
And the treasures of earth will rust and decay
The day that the rich find they have nothing
Is not far away

Blessed are the poor for they will inherit
What they cannot afford and the rich cannot own
For the earth is the Lords and all that is in it
He calls his own

Birds have nests and foxes have holes in the ground
The son of man had no-where to lay his head down
Our hope is in one who put by His crown
And became poor

See the birds of the air, they tell a story
And the flowers of the field declare His word
The kings of the world in all their glory
Could not match His worth

The poor are made rich and the humble are lifted
The weak are made strong and the last shall be first
The treasure that they have stored up in heaven
ill outlast this earth