This was one of the songs I wrote in New York after 9-11. I was with my brothers Trevor and James.

© 2001 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

Hold my hand I must be dreaming
I’ve never seen a night so dark
I know you’re there, I hear you breathing
I can feel your beating heart
It’s cold outside in the bitter breath
Of a world that loves to deal in death
But remember there’s a fire in our hearts

Together we’ll be alright
We’ll see the night right through
Together we’ll be OK
We’ll live to fight another day and love
Like brothers do

They say it’s getting worse not better
And our hope is running dry
Like rivers in the desert
And they sit and wonder why
But whatever they try to throw at you
That leaves you feeling bad and bruised
Remember there’s a fire in our hearts

And all that’s going on round here
Every hope and every fear
Every rumour of the next big war
Every soul lying on the floor
All our promises that we trust
All our dreams ground to dust
The worldly glory that we see
Pales next to you and me