Common Language

This was a tough time. My brother and his wife had just had a son but there were a lot of complications and Ollie was very poorly. It seems strange in a way to write an upbeat song in such a tragic situation. One thing Ollie taught us was the beauty of being human, being who we are. It was tough, I was in the UK and they were in the USA but love is bigger than distance, sickness or pain.

©2014 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

I saw the things you wrote today
A status with a worried face
Two hands saying we should pray
You didn’t need to spell it out
For me to see how things are now
You said all you had to say
And if I could I’d put my arms around you
Just so you would know I care about you

We all speak a common language
Think we can’t but be can
It’s written into what we are
Seas and mountains may divide us
Something deep inside unites us
Makes us human to the heart

Your eyes say more than any words
And there’s no richer sound on earth
Than when a beating heart begins
When your life begins break
I feel the crashing sound it makes
And I will hold you if I can
Love is more than words and beyond any language
And love is all we need to reach across the farthest boundaries

When I see you cry
You know that I’ll cry with you
And if you dance
I’ll hear your song and I’ll be dancing too