Dancing With Seagulls

I romanticise about this but there is some truth in this. As a teenager I lived close to the beach. Some nights I would go down to the sea and try and get as close to the sleeping gulls as I could before they flew of in their hundreds.

© 2004 Rob Halligan– Blatant Promotions

Down by the prom lights and under the peer
The lads would be smoking and drowning in beer
Just up above them Pavilion Hall
Old folk would gather, having a ballThe town would be busy some Friday nights
There’d always be discos and always be fights
But over the pebbles where the sand meets the sea
Dancing with Seagulls is where I would be

Dancing with seagulls was my favorite game
It captured my idle thoughts and numbed the pain
Of the long lonely evenings, I would be free
Dancing with seagulls as they danced with me

The sand was our dance floor soft underfoot
We danced by the light of the low-lying moon
The music the song that my dance partners made
And time would stand still as we danced and we played

So much has happened since I was kid
The memories fade of the things that I did
But dancing with seagulls those long lonely nights
Will live to remind m the ret of my life
Of the pain an the hurting of not being free
And the long lonely search for what really was me
And now that I’ve found him and now that I’m free
I remember the dancing, the seagulls and me