David’s Song

David is my son. He was 11 years old when we decided to walk the length of Hadrians Wall. It was tough going, we walked headlong into what seemed like an apocalyptic rain storm. At first it was me encouraging him to keep going but as we made our way the roles turned and it was David saying, “Come on dad, you can do it!” Think this song sums up what I felt…

© 2008 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

It was the type of morning when the rising sun
Lights a fire in the eastern sky
Readying itself for the storms to come
When the west winds blow and the dark clouds fly

Some said they heard there was thunder in the air
But I knew different cos I knew you were there
And you’d start singing as the day ploughed on
Wild and carefree that was your song

And I don’t fear the day when I’m here with you

And I don’t know how you do that thing
When you forget yourself and throw caution to the wind
And run like a torrent and move like a flood
And chasing the shadows you unleash your love

It’s not by chance your name is a king
Who slaughtered a giant with a stone and a sling
And loved with abandon, your passionate heart
Is right at the centre of the storm that you are
And I don’t fear the day when I’m here with you

So crash into me like the thunder you are
Dispelling the heaviness that tears us apart
And tell me your secrets and pour out your life
And sleep in the knowing I’m proud that you’re mine