Edom’s Hill

I did a bit of a bible study on Obadiah, How Edom mis-treated and turned a blind eye to his brother Israel’s suffering. Something we still do to each other.

©2012 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

I can see the campfire light
Up on Edom’s hills tonight
And the boys are singing it’s all right
If we keep from looking down
And I can hear the people’s song
Drowning out the coming storm
But they don’t know it won’t be long
Before it all comes down

Cos down in the valley where shadows play
They watch their kin stolen away
And then just turn their heads and say
They didn’t see a thing

Cos what the eye doesn’t see
The heart cant grieve over it’s true
And if my eye doesn’t see then I can’t grieve
Over you
What the eye doesn’t see
The heart wont grieve over its true
But my heart grieves over you

Wise men line up on the shelf
Their tounges are tied and leather bound
And though they scream there is no sound
Unless you want to hear
Stories of the days gone by
When tooth paid tooth and eye paid eye
And they just watched the millions die
Then saw us all forget

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
And we lost our way in the darkest night
But still our heads turn left and right
And we say we didn’t see