Fire, Falling From Heaven

Fire; falling from heaven,
Igniting our hearts with love.
Fire; burning in a people,
Filled with the zeal of God.
Fire; blazing with a passion,
Consuming the sin and shame.
Fire to start a revolution,
The fire in Jesu’s name.

This fire is burning hot,
This fire is never, never gonna stop;
Unquenchable, unstoppable,
It’s the fire of God! (repeat)
It’s the fire of God!

2. Fire; falling on the cities,
Burning all over town.
Fire; burning in the hearts
Of the black and the white and the brown.
Fire for every generation,
Stirring up the young and the old.
Fire to start a revolution;
Fire that will never grow cold.

© 1992 Rob Halligan – Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd.