Friend Of God

This is a bit biographical. Billy, Sid and the man with the board are all people I grew up listening to. The man with eth board was an old chap in worthing who wore a sandwich board over his shoulders. He would point at me when I walked past – every time – and say, “I’m praying for you, lad.”

Sixteen tonnes was our bands first demo.

© 2008 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

Stolen cars and railway yards and dog ends on the ground
Neon lights that flash in time with Billy’s mellow sound
Sid was dead and Danny said it’s time for us to go
While the man with the board said he’d talk to his Lord
And he’d pray one day I’d know

Sixteen tonnes of hope had come and gone with the second win
We had our fun but the summer’s sun was bitter at the end
My mate and me thought we’d be free so we packed up and hit the road
While the man with the board said he called on the lord
And pray one day we’d know

That the world spins around and there’s dirt on the ground
And beauty comes out of the sod
And one day soon I’d be a friend of God

We headed west and then travelled north
But some things they stay the same
Stone or tar, the road is hard whatever way they lay
When you pillow’s a stone and no-where’s home
And hope’s just slipping through
There’s no sign that I’ll get the time to find out if it’s true

Never thought I’d find myself down on my knees
My head in my hands
No hope, no light, nothing, just the memories of things I thought I had
If God’s ways are a mystery then a mystery is where I found myself
Alone but not alone I found myself

It goes around and comes back again
And sometimes these things they settle down
I’ve got a wife and kids and the family lives
In a house on the edge of town
Now the lads take their cars and their bikes to the yard
And play the life I knew
While I stand at the door and I talk to the Lord
And hope they find it to