Give Me this Island

She said “Tell me all the dreams
You had that have come true”
He looked at her and smiled an said
“Well, I married you
And the day I started dreaming
Was when you taught me how to fly
In the empty field
Beneath the starlit sky”She said “Tell me all the things you’ve done
And the places that you’ve seen”
He said “Everywhere my dreams have led
Are where you’ve always been
And I’dve never got this far without you by my side
Since the night we kissed beneath the starlit sky

If you give m this island
Or give me this mountain
Give me the ocean
Or give me the sky
I would take this island
And conquer this mountain
I’d ride the ocean
And take to the sky with you

He said “The biggest fear I have
Is that this road will someday end
And my darkest days are when I wake up
And I can’t see round the bend”
She answered him with more than words
And love she couldn’t hide
Just like she did beneath the starlit sky

If I give you this island
Or give you this mountain
Give you the ocean or give you the sky
I know you’ll take this island
And conquer this mountain
And ride the ocean just teach me to fly with you

She said “If I had the chance
You know I’d do it all again
Just you and me beneath the starlit sky

© 2016 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions