I became fascinated with the story of the battle of heaven field that happen in 635 on Hadrians wall. It’s a tale worthy of a blockbuster movie, maybe one day I’ll write the script…

A time ago upon this hill it has been said
Of how when two kings met and fought to the death
And of how honour came to one who chose to yield
Upon that ancient battle’s e’en at Heavenfield

He was a king, Oswald, a man who did stand tall
And gathered men who came to hear his battle call
But to those brave men he sounded his decree
To those who stand the fighting starts upon your knees

On your knees
On your knees
The fighting starts on your knees

And kneeling there he raised a cross into the night
And there before his men the king began to fight
“Let not thy passion for your kingdom here forsake
Almighty God, let neither fear nor darkness thy love slake”

And time before upon a bleak hill far away
A young king fought and on a cross he was raised
And in the heat of battle innocence was slain
But when the morning come, the sun will rise again

And now alone I stand upon this hallowed ground
Where fear and darkness have been chased by heavens hounds
The cold wind whispers of the secrets it has seen
For every battle won the fighting starts on your knees

© 2012 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions