Hey God

Hey God, are you sitting comfy
Hey God, cos I’d like to begin
Hey God, there’s a few things on my mind
You could help me with

Tell me God from where you’re sitting
Can you see the world we live in
Can you feel the things we’re feeling
God, do you know?

Cos I believe you love us really
And I believe you want us to be free
I believe but I don’t understand
Can you tell me?

Hey God, do you feel lonely
Sitting up in heaven all on your own
While things fall apart down here?
Or do you have a party all around your throne

Do you cry when you see the things we do
Do you know what it’s like to be in our shoes
Do you know what we’re really going through
God, do you know?

And I heard you walked on water
And I heard you healed the lame
And you raised a man up from the dead by calling out his name
I heard you fed the multitudes
With just some fish and bread
And after three days down I heard you rose up from the dead
But how does that help me?

© 1998 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions