I met an eight year old boy in Ethiopia. His mother was HIV+ and very sick, he had two sisters and hid dad had died the previous year. He was the bread-winner for the house. He had time to attend the Global Care School a day a week. I asked hime what he wanted to do when he grew up. He said he wanted to be an airline pilot.


©2012 Rob Halligan– Blatant Promotions

I met a guy today I swear his name was Hope
One room shack was all he had that he could call his home
He had a mother and some sisters
His daddy passed away a year ago
Seems like life don’t promise much for a boy called Hope

But he had the kind if smile that would chase away the rain
He told me that when he grows up he’s gonna fly a plane
He’s gonna learn to read, learn to write
He’ll show them all and then they’ll know
Life is up to you that’s why I call him hope

Cos he lives like he’s living like he’s loving every breath he has
And he’s giving everything to be everything he knows he can
And if you ask him then he’ll say to you “I’m loving being who I am”
“And l love that I’m living and loving every breath I have”

He says that the things that make him glad to be alive
Are the family and friends he has and his dream to fly
And he knows that his tomorrows
Will be filled with the love he knows today
And there’s no drought or storm that will take his hope away