I Aint Dead Yet

So this song tell’s it’s own story. We got tickets to see Michael Bolton at the Royal Albert Hall in London from a friend. I’m not a fan of MB but I did fancy going to the Albert Hall so we went along. I sat next to this guy who was asking what I did. I told him I was a musician and he asked how old I was so I told him.
“Man, you’re too old for that. They’re looking for young people, you won’t make it now!”
So I was in a bad mood the rest of the evening and when I got home I wrote this.

©2016 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

Took a ride to the city
Took my lady for a night on the town
After working all week we were ready
To kick back and let our hair down
I heard that a band was playing
So we got tickets to see the show
Dressed up to nines for a real good time
And ready to let it go

I got places to see
And a heart full of beats
Dreams jumping in my head
I’m gonna have fun
While there’s breath in my lungs
And I tell you I ain’t dead yet
I got blood in my veins
And a prize to gain
Putting all your doubts to bed
It’s a God given life
And I’m feeling all right
And I tell you I an’t dead yet

Sat next to a guy who told me
He was part of the roadie crew
Said he liked nothing more than touring
I said I liked touring too
So he asked me how long I’d been playing
I said that it was quite some time
He said you gotta be you young
Your chances have gone
So I looked him right in the eye and said

Well I’ve sang to the people of London
And I’ve played in Hong Kong town
From New York across to Vancouver
And in Rio they’re a real good crowd
And I don’t plan to be stopping
Or hanging up my old guitar
I got dreams to chase
Gonna finish the race
Gonna follow that morning star