I Would Climb

© 2008 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

I would climb a mountain with you
To see the thousands fed
I would go to the grave with you
To see you raise a man from the dead
And when the crowds press around you
As you walk down the road
I’ll be there among them
Reaching to touch your robe

I will love you when you forgive
A man for where he’s been
And tell the cripple to take his bed
And dance for the world to see
And when you’re filled with compassion
For the lost souls searching for light
I would be there when you carry
A fire into their night

I would gladly walk with you
Upon the stormy sea
And I’d be there watching you
As you set the captives free
And when you ride out in Glory
And to you the gates open wide
When your chosen go marching with you
I would march at your side

When I heard you calling me
You said “Leave it all behind.
Take up your cross and follow me
And be ready to lay down your life.
If you’re to be great then be humble
True riches belong to the poor
If you’re gonna love then love those that hate you
And heaven be your treasure store