© 2004 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

I wanna sing a song to you
About your eyes and what they do
But that’s been sung a thousand times before
I want to sing about the thrill
That I get every time you tell me
You’ll stay and be mine forever more
There’s so much I want to say
But I’ve been told it doesn’t pay
To put love in a simple song
Now our innocence has gone

I want to write a verse or three
About the time you went with me
And we stayed out late and danced under the moonlit sky
But I have heard that people laugh
About our dreamy distant past
They say all the things we did back then have died
There’s so much that I want to tell
But I’ve been told I might as well
ing a different kind of song
Not our innocence has gone

I heard a guy the other day
Who sang of how he had his way
And left here when he finished where she lay
And love ran in and out the song
But somewhere love has got it wrong
If love thinks it can just get up an walk away
Cos there’s a simple truth I heard
Love holds on for all it’s worth
That’s where we’ve all gone wrong
That’s where our inncence has gone

The greatest love ever told
More than Julie and Romeo
Is of a love that stretched across the heavens
And laid Him down to make a bridge
That she could cross to be with him
And they’d live together happy after ever
Some folk think that’s just a tale
And love like that is bound to fail
That’s where they’ve all gone wrong
That’s where their innocence has gone

So I’ll put love in a simple song
Now our innocence has gone