It Is Good

There’s thunder in the heavens
And I can hear your voice
And the rain that comes is healing rain
That makes my heart rejoice
As it runs across the wilderness
Your love becomes the wind beneath my wings

And your heart is painted in the clouds
like a fiery shade of red
And the sky looks like a curtain torn
So it’s secrets can be shared
And as light breaks in the eastern sky
I can hear creation start to sing

Oh, it is good
All that you love
All that you’ve done

As we look back over history
At the beauty and the pain
Your faithfulness has proved itself
Time and time again
On mountain tops and valleys
Your steadfast love has never let us go

Sometime holding on to promises
Is the hardest thing to do
When life just seems to say that time
Has other plans for you
But as the sun is sure to rise
Everyday i know your love will hold

© 2016 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions