Left Them In The water

I don’t recall when we first met
But you took the opportunity to get what you can get
You made me feel like I could fly
Then walked away when I came crashing from the sky
You took me for a ride
Now things have changed I’ve seen the light

I went down to the river to pray
Knew just what I had to say
The chains I had they fell away
I left them in the water
The lies that you made me believe
Your forked tongue and your flattery
Your empty words that blinded me
I left them in the water

It’s my fault I took your hand
I guess I was naïve and I guess you had a plan
You promised me the city lights
But left me searching for a reason to my life
You really took me in
But that’s history and I’ll start again

And when I see the water rise
I see the things I left behind
And I feel so alive

© 2016 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions