Love Is Bigger

They make their wall from the west to the east
Make everyone crawl, make them bow at their feet
And watch them fall, from the best to the least
Still love is bigger
Stack up their bombs, pile ‘em up high
Loads up their guns and aim for the sky
Their time will come in the blink of an eye
Cos love is bigger

Love is bigger than a hurricane
When it blows away love remains
Floods may come with a harder rain
But no flood can wash love away
Love is bigger than than a blackest night
Than the fear and the hate and the parasite
Than want or greed or avarice
Love is bigger

They make their plans to bring the whole world down
And terror lands in the cities and towns
And crooked hands twist truth around
But love is Bigger
And everyone says God’s on their side
And everyone thinks they’ve got it right
But everyone needs to open their eyes
Cos God is love
And love is bigger

© 2018 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions