Love Shouts Louder

It says in the bible
Jesus Christ is Lord
And every tongue will say it’s so
And men and angels
Will join in one accord
And every knee will be bowed low
And all the heavens
Will declare his majesty
And the earth be filled with light
But from where I’m standing
It’s feels too dark to see
In this fragile thread of time that we call life

There’s been a lot of preaching about how to change the world
And a lot of good things have been said
But if it’s all just talk then it’s all just empty words
And whatever faith I have is as good as dead
A man once said tell the good news to the world
And let your actions be your words
So I pray for courage yo step out of the crowd
And let what I do spread some love to the world

I don’t think I could ever change the world
That’s to big a job for me
I’m just trying to shed a little light
To help a man in darkness see

I heard that Jesus, he’s a friend of mine
He hung around with guys like me
Despite the dirt that I carry in my life
And all the messed up places I’ve been
So I’m trying to open up my arms
Show some Jesus to the world
Just like Jesus opened up his arms for me
With a love that shouts louder than any words

© 2014 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions