Love Your Smile

Written for my daughter

Like anyone else in my shoes
I’d fight the good fight for you
But i know that i don’t need to prove
Cos you know that my love for you
Is something that just wont be moved
As long as there’s still you

I remember when I first saw your smile
And thanking God that He gave me this life

How I love your smile
When you smile you chase away
the darkness from the day
And how I love your laugh
It’s like music when I’m down
So I’ll turn it up loud

The times when it’s just you and me
And the whole world is ours to see
I see who I’m meant to be
With you
Your innocence keeps me in tune
With what really matters and you
Love me and not what I do

You laugh when I tell you the places I’ve been
And I’m glad I’ve ended up right where I am

I tried to show you my best dying swan
You laughed and told me that I got it all wrong

© 2012 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions