Not On Your Own

The hardest thing was waking up today
Lost inside your dreams
Away from all the things that
Demand your time and tie your freedom down
Now you need some space
Need to know outrageous grace

Did you see the clouds roll in today
It always gets me how
The weather changes, now we’re
Taken by surprise and when it starts to rain
Where do you run to
And how do you get through

You’re not on your own
You don’t need
You don’t need
You don’t need to struggle any more
You’re not on your own
Lean on me, Lean on me
That what brothers are for

And the world is spinning way to fast
You thought that you’d pulled out
Of the system but your doubts scream
Like a drowning voice in a solar blast
And despite the light
Your stuck in the night

And it’s easy to say the right things
Easy to put on the smile
Sometimes its harder to fall
And be carried for a while


© 2017 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions