Pride Of Place

I wrote this about my Grandma, Brenda Crowe. She was gymnast and in 1936 represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games. It was known as Hitlers Olympics, famous for Jessie Owens and Hitlers refusal to shat his hand.

© 2014 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions

It was 1936 when she sailed to distant shores
Proud to be among the few chosen to perform
For king and country that she loved and the flag that she held dear
Full of grace she took her place and made her allegiance clear

She took pride of place with the ones
Who set unblinking eyes upon the race that would be run
And her courage and commitment were the medals that she won
As she followed in the footsteps of Olympians

The youngest of her countrymen she wore her colours proud
In the stadium of champions she danced before the crowds
And evil didn’t shake the hand of victory that day
The young Olympians stood up and looked oppression in the face

A tense anticipation killed the calm before the storm
And fickle peace could not deny the gathering clouds of war
Though one mans twisted fancy was dealt a blow that day
There were echoes of a future and a price that would be paid

On a shelf in the front room now are the memories in a frame
A medal and a ribbon and the place she signed he name
Along with twenty seven more who gladly made a stand
In the darkening days before a war they became Olymians