Sail Away

There is a light that I have seen
That shines brighter than I could ever dream
Far beyond my fantasy
A light so strong, so warm, so real
I walked this road mile upon mile
To see the lights celestial smile
I travelled wide and I travelled far
But the light shone in my heart

Sail away
Sail away
Sail away with me

May you rest beneath the flow
Of love that none but those of heaven know
May you walk upon the path
That leads to light and dulls the dark
May you rise to meet your day
And see the darkness swept away
And the brightest morning star
Burn like fire inside your heart

May the words that love imparts
Be written on the walls of your heart
And the light of heavens sun
Be light enough to lead you home
My the sons of Zion rise
And all the host of heaven cry
With a voice that moves the stars
For the light inside your heart

© 2004 Rob Halligan– Blatant Promotions