See The Beauty

In 2008 I went to Bangladesh with Global Care to visit an orphanage in the rural village of Horintana. It was an incredible journey where I met some amazing people, not least the children . I’m humbled and grateful to have been given the opportunity.

I see the beauty in your eyes
I feel hope inside your smile
But the pain you know inside is more than a dream
I feel the life inside your heart
I hear the music in your laugh
But the innocence you show is not what it seems
The world says you’re one of a million
But to me you are one in a million

You are a diamond in the rough
You are a song that needs lifting up
You are a flower in the rain
You are a child and you have a name

I’ll run with you in your dreams
And I will hear you when you scream
When you have no voice I’ll speak out for you
I’ll stand with you when you stand
And I will help you raise your hand
When you’re denied a choice I will stand for you

And just because we can’t do it all
It doesn’t mean that we can do nothing at all
We can change this world one life at a time


Rob Halligan © 2009 Blatant Promotions