See the Light

Well I’ve seen a light before me
And to it I set my face
And I hear my Saviour call me
And I know he’s marked my race
I’m surround by the heroes
Who have come this way before
And I hear them cheering me on

I have thrown of all the baggage
That the world has thrown on me
And everything that slows me down
I have let them be
I will run with the endurance
That my Saviour gives to me
Until I cross the line

I know that on this journey
I will face some heavy times
But I know that I don’t walk alone
My Saviour’s by my side
And He’s already been here
And He understand the score
So I’m holding fast to Him

When I reach the light before me
On that day I’ll claim the prize
I will hear a great “Well done”
And gain eternal life
Until that day I fix my face
Upon that light ahead
And run til I’ve crossed the line

©2012 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions