Shadow Of Our Home

I visited the Syrian Refugee camps in Lebanon in 2016 to see how the shack schools that Global Care were running were helping kids displaced by the war. I got talking to one of the boys at the school and asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. He told me he wanted to go home. This was his story.

I grew up on the south side
Dad was known around the town
Stood for what he believed in
He was a hard man to keep down
When he called the men together
To stand, they gathered round
But the soldiers came and quickly cut them down

The news it reached us quickly so we packed our things to go
And in our rush to leave we left what precious things we owned
Driving through the night we said goodbye to all we’d known
As we headed for a strange land far from home

And the morning sun still hides behind the mountains
She don’t break til she’s safely on her own
Marking off the days that she’s been counting
Living in the shadow of uur home

Well I’m proud of where I came from
I’m proud of who I am
But there’s many I’m not proud to say
Are my fellow countrymen
They’ve stripped away her beauty with their greedy crooked hands
And left her as a scarred and barren land

They say that there’s a blessing in the dew on Hermon’s heights
Like the blessing that we get when men come together to unite
Well Hermon won’t you look down from those lofty highest highs
Send your dew and bring us peace tonight


Rob Halligan © 2017 Blatant Promotions