Shaggy was a guy who used to come to a drop in centre I worked in. He lived on the streets and used to tell me all these plans he had. One day I asked him when he was going to do tall this stuff and he said, “Rob, if you ain’t got your dreams you aint got nothing”

Shaggy was a dreamer
He said without his dreams
He’d be nothing but a poor man
With a doorway and a street
He said the rocks weren’t too bad
Cos the rocks are by the sea
And you can look across forever
And let your heart be free
He said he saw them when he went down
And saw the waves break on stony ground

I’ve been to the rocks to write a song
Cos the rocks have been there for so long
They’re part of my life’s scenery
They made me what I am
I’ve been to the rocks and seen the sea
The rocks they mean so much to me
I’ve been to the rock to write a song

Shaggy was a good friend
I knew when he was old
You could always see him walking
A step ahead of the cold
Said he’s gonna by a camper
Gonna drive the world and see
Places that he’s been to
A thousand time in his dreams

Shaggy was a dreamer
And he said he dreamed one day
He’s gonna move into a mansion
Throw those plastic bags away

© 2010 Rob Halligan– Blatant Promotions