She’s Sitting, Crying

She’s sitting crying like a baby cries.
She’s got no-one, no-one there to dry her eyes.
Nobody knows what he’s done to her,
Nobody knows what she’s had to endure.
She looks out through a gap in the curtain,
Hasn’t washed for days and her clothes are dirty.
She’s not eating ’cos she ain’t got a cause.
She don’t care ’cos nobody else does.

We need to show His love,
Shine light in the darkest places,
Weep with the hurting,
Join in their pain.
Millions of lost, lonely people;
We need to show them Jesus,
Bringing God’s love into their shame.

2. He’s been working like he does almost every night,
Meeting men by the dark back alley light.
He needs his home ’cos he’s only thirteen;
He ran away to try and find his dream.
Now he lives on the streets, with other lonely souls-
Our hearts should break, but we seem so hard and cold.
They’re the victims of so many lies
Fooled into thinking that they’re really street-wise.

I have seen a young boy walk the streets alone at night,
Crying out for some love.
And I have seen an old man dying in his pain
With an empty bottle and a heart full of shame.


© 1992 Rob Halligan – Jesus Fellowship Songs