Something To Die For

Every day I’m waking up
And nothing seems to change
No matter where I’m sleeping
All the scenery’s the same
Same songs on the radio
And same words in my head
Spinning round and round and round

Every day I’m working up
The guts to call the shots
Whoever thinks my life’s a joke
Don’t count on what they’ve got
The walls I’m in are coming down
And things are gonna change
My world’s spinning round and round and round

Give me something to die for
I want something to live for
All I want is you
Give my living a reason
Give my spirit it’s season
All I want is you

All the world is waking up
Its diamonds turned to dust
And dust is trampled underneath
The feet of selfish lust
Well you found me kneeling at your feet
and bent down to lift me up
And set my world spinning
Round and round and round

© 2005 Rob Halligan