Stand Together

This was one of three songs I wrote in New York a week after 9/11. It’s been used time and again is schools and for various fund-raising events. In 2004 we did a Coventry ‘Band  Aid’ for the Tsunami relief effort and 45 different acts took part in a recording of this song. We raised around £13.5k

Can there be beauty from ashes
Can a hope rise out of the dust
Can a heart so broken be mended
Can a fear be chastened by love
I believe
I believe

And in these fields where tears flow like rivers
We say a prayer for the streams to run dry
We’ve got to learn from these wounds that are open
It’s only through love that we can survive
And I believeI believe

If we stand together
And love each other
Sister to sister
Brother to brother
No war between us
All fighting over
Love will light our way

And in a world where we can’t see tomorrow
There is a light that can bring a new day
Where every tribe, every tongue and every nation
Can lay aside their quarrels and say
I believe, I believe

And only love can light our way through the darkness
And only love can bring a new day
Only love can make our children stand up and sing


© 2004 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions