Streets Of This Town

I wrote Streets in New York a week after 9/11. It was, I suppose, a bit of defiance in the face of the hopelessness an wreck of a situation. It was the start of my response, that love is bigger than the hatred that we see, that we can be bigger and rise above it.

No-one stops the sun from shining
No matter what they try
And no-one stops the rain from falling
To wash the tears from our eyes
They can push, they can shove, they can kick
They can try and knock us down
But we will rise with hope and pride on the streets
On the streets of this town

And all of our hopes
All of our promises
All of our dreams are in you
On the streets of this town

We can’t turn the hands of time
To wash the pain away
But we can learn that clouded skies
Can clear again to a brighter day
You took all our tears and all our pain
And you carried them down
Every road and every avenue
Every street, every street of this town

© 2004 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions