Warm on my skin, burning
And the rain falls, Refreshing
But I’m drowning
And I open my eyes and I look for God
But I’m blinded by the sun

I’m running
But the ground beneath is crumbling
And I’m falling
And all the world is falling
And I reach out my hands
And I try to grasp
the truths I put aside

And I fall into your arms
I’m held near your heart
And I can feel the power of love
With every beat I hear
I fall into your arms
And I’m lifted up
And the light of heaven’s sun
Shines on me

I’m laughing
But inside my heart there’s crying
And the tears
That no-one sees are falling
And I open my heart
And you see my pain
And you wipe it all away

©1999 Rob Halligan – Blatant Promotions