Thinking Of You

I can’t pretend it was all a bed of roses
That those years were the best ones of my life
I can’t deny I wondered if you noticed
That I needed you to help me smile
I can’t forget the times I sat there waiting
Hoping that you’d come by or phone
And I can’t lie to say I never wanted
To know you more than you could ever know

There comes a time to draw the line
But I wont stop thinking of you
The past has gone and I’ve moved on
But I can’t stop thinking of you
I’ve let go but I still know
You’ll always be a part of me
I wont stop thinking of you

You still turn up in unexpected places
And I’m ambushed by the memory of your smile
I sometimes see you there in strangers faces
But when I look again you’ve passed on by
And sometimes I think that I can hear you
In the shadow of a song you used to play
And every now and then I want to hold you
And tell you that I’m missing you today

© 2012 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions