We Listened To Ray

We listened to Ray
We were young and it seemed like he had some good things to say
And we took our bikes to places we shouldn’t have played
And we were invincible no one could tell us the way

We listened to Jo
He was cool and said three chords was all that we needed to know.
So I stood up tall and took three chords with me on the road
And they’ve done me well and kept me from being alone

And we all write the songs
And we all sing along
And the world dances on
To the tune of our songs

We listened to John
The way that he spoke out about things he knew were wrong
And he put the things he had to say into his songs
But he was a fad and he faded out before long

We listened to Steve
He had a vision and he seemed to know where to lead
But after a while it was clear that we had our own dreams
And as the doors to life swung open we took our leave

We listened to Matt
We listened and tried to take hold of the things that he had
But it seemed so impossible for society to live like that
So with admiration we left with the tip of our hat

© 2017 Rob Halligan