When Heroes Fall

Life can be the hardest road
When you’ve got it altogether
Then something let’s go
And everything that you believed in
Comes tumbling down
One day you’re flying
The next you’ve hit the ground

Like a shooting star or a dragonfly
Like a firework lighting up the sky
There’s a blinding light, then your whole world stalls
That’s what it’s like when your heroes fall

Years teach us a lot of things
They treat us all the same
Whether we’re paupers or kings
And time it takes no prisoners
And it levels the ground
And there’s no high or mighty
And no hiding found

And you feel like a bottle
In an ocean swell
With a message of heaven that hurts like hell
And you long for a wave
To throw you onto the shore
You want to throw it all in
But you hope that there’s more

© 2017 Rob Halligan