Wild Horses

I was thinking about life’s journey (nothing new there!) and the fact that although I grew up by the sea I now live as far as you can get away from it in the UK. I miss it and the journey hasn’t always been easy but there are treasures. The wild horse were the waves that crash against the wall of the under cliff walk in Saltdean in the south coast.

I write this song from miles away
In the place I now call home
With friends and family here with me
I’ve no reason more to roam
But I can hear the echoes
Of the places that I’ve seen

I can see the wild horses as they break against the wall
And scatter pearls into the sky so I can watch them fall
Taste the freedom on my lips and breathe the wild perfume
I close my eyes and I can see the blue

The road that I have travelled it may not have been laid well
But there’s things I’ve learned along the way and as far as I can tell
The treasures that I’ve found there are worth every mile I’ve come
And every mile will draw me nearer home

I don’t know how long I have to walk these earthly shores
One day I’ll dwell in mansions and I’ll stand on sapphire floors
And I will spend eternity beside a sea with you
Until then I can look up and see the blue

© 2016 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions