What can you do?
You can comfort the heartbroken.
You can hold the abandoned.
You can be a shelter for the lost.
You can be the peace in the confusion.
You can be the start of healing
You can be bigger than hatred
You can love
You can love
You can love

When my dad was killed by terrorists
I needed comforting
I needed holding
I needed shelter
I needed peace
I needed healing
I needed help to rise above the hatred
I needed love

Love is bigger

I’ve played a number of times in Manchester. It’s a great place, I have great memories of the Apollo, the Free Trade Hall, of solo gigs, After The Fire and church gigs and a spot of TV. My prayer today is that those touched by the hatred demonstrated last night would know a love that out-does the fear behind the destruction. This isn’t just about Manchester just like it wasn’t just about New York, Madrid, London or Paris.  This is about all of us.

Be bigger.

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