Recently Sam Hailes interviewed Aaron Keyes on Premier Radio. You can listen to it here.
It was good.
I will hold my hand up now and confess to some kind of phobia when it comes to ‘industry’ worship leaders. Rightly of wrongly I don’t usually give them the time some of them probably deserve. I guess I’ve been put off over the years by some of the banal or simply bad representations of what worship is. It’s not a position I’m proud to be in, I realise I throw the baby out with the bathwater sometimes. There are some deep and good expressions of worship and more recently I’ve been ambushed by them.
So it was good to hear Aaron talk about the need to be honest. I’ve often thought about how often I and so many others in my church have sung about loving God with all our hearts when in reality we don’t. Stuff, the world, our self, it all takes huge chunks out of our love-capacity often leaving just fragments to God.
We often sing of faith, of how we believe and will step out when really we’re riddled with doubt. I’ve often said that we need to be honest. I think God works better with us when we’re honest. In the Gospel of Mark theres a guy who’s desperate to see his son healed. Jesus tells him to believe and the guy says, “I believe, help my unbelief!”
So often we say “I believe…” but are scared to admit that actually there’s a lot of unbelief still there. We stop after the good bit, the bit we’re supposed to say. I struggle so much with doubt. I’m glad God doesn’t get insecure about that.

Here’s the song….

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