It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I’m just checking in with an update.

The autumn tour is well and truly under way with a bunch of really rather splendid gigs. Having forayed (is that the word?) into Scotland for a couple of cracking nights, I was then down in the West Midlands for a show at the Beacon Centre where they had fish n chips included in the ticket price and then at St John Coffee Shop in Shenley green where ELO guitarist Dave Scott-Morgan turned up and asked for a selfie. Lovely bloke.

Then an evening on the BBC talking about music, choirs and ‘F’ rated films before heading down to Seahaven in East Sussex to do a two hour show with Roy Stannard on Seahaven FM. You can hear the show, The Whole Nine Yards here:

Part 1   –  Part 2

Then it was over to my old stomping ground in Worthing for a SOLD OUT gig. It was a fantastic night, I knew almost everyone in the room and we had a complete blast.
Then it was up to Hounslow for a great evening at Cafe Arts before heading back to Coventry to take part in the first gig hosted by CVFolk at the Albany Theatre. I was on with my good friend Kristy Gallacher who is a complete star. We had a great crowd and the website, Elementary What’s On gave this cracking review:

 But the standout performance came from Rob Halligan (pictured above), once of Worthing, but long since embedded as a Coventry-based troubadour.

 His song-writing talent, stage charisma and power delivery on songs like Dancing With Seagulls and Promise I Will Hold You Tonight could blow away many a more commercially-successful singer-songwriter.

 He certainly had the force to banish thoughts of Storm Callum lashing down outside and lit up the Albany.

So thanks to everyone whose been out so far. This week I’m heading up the road to Barnsley on Thursday and Durham on Friday for two dates with the wonderful Fiona Castle on our “Around The World Tour” Tickets can be bought HERE

On Saturday I’ll be at Alnwick at the Cricket Club for the next instalment of “We All Write The Songs”. Do come. It’ll be fun!



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