Well the audience by now were shattered. Exhausted but pumped up. What better moment to bring on the excellent Rob Halligan to close the evening? Dressed to look the part and with an impressively compact box of tricks at his feet within dabbing distance,he sounded it,too. It’s a long time since I’ve seen a guitar made to work that hard, He must have fingers of steel.

              Rob supports many local good causes and charities. He does an awful lot to support local music. He is an honest and decent man who writes powerful songs of great strength. With a few covers sprinkled in, his set was an energetic,pulsating wall of sound. He engages the audience and works them like another instrument. Those few who had not seen him before were most impressed. No wonder,as he rose to several encores,he had lost that jacket and was down to his shirtsleeves. A cracking way to finish another excellent nightup int The Queen’s Hall. 

Taken From Geoff Veasey’s blog. Read it in full t https://macaweontour.blogspot.com/

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