An evening with best selling author Adrian Plass and his wife Bridget with live music from award winning artist Rob Halligan.

Join Adrian and Bridget as they navigate life’s peaks and valleys with hilarious and occasionally serious anecdotes and stories. They’re joined by award winning singer-songwriter Rob Halligan.

Adrian Plass is a British author and speaker who writes primarily Christian humour, but also short stories, Bible commentaries, and novels with a more serious tone.

His most popular books are a series concerning The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass which is a humorous, fictional satire of Christian life and which has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Together with his wife Bridget, they have toured across the world, breathing a little bit of laughter into the serious business of following Jesus.

Rob Halligan is a musician and speaker. He’s toured continuously for 15 years and inflicted ten albums and three books on his unsuspecting audience, many of whom have come back for more.

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