Hi People!

Well, this is weird isn’t it. All our plans for the next few months are scuppered. Not that I’m ever over-organised, now I’m even less so. 
Still, as someone who sings for his supperI like to think I, and many of my musician friends, provide an essential service and we’ll do what we can to continue to deliver. 

So read on to find out how you can get a dose of live and new music from the comfort of your armchair. 
Firstly, as you might expect, all my tour dates through to June are postponed. However, you can catch me ‘live’ in my front room This Friday, 27th March at 7pm for a Facebook Live gig. 
Head to www.facebook.com/halliganmusic, it’ll be there. Oh, and like the page while you’re there, and invite your mates. It’ll be fun, fully interactive, online heckling will be encouraged, with new and old songs and some surprising covers.  Bring your own refreshments. 

Next, Check out my page on Bandcamp. There’s a new song there for you to download, Come Take Your Place, and a lot of my recent music is available for whatever you want to pay, free if you like!

Finaly, check out https://robhalligan.co.uk/main/product-category/pre-order/
You can pre-order my upcoming album, Always Heading Home, with various bundles and offers, merchandise and specials. It will help keep the wheels turning while concerts and shows aren’t possible. 
Do keep checking facebook, there’ll be plenty of ‘live’ videos there. Ask me to cover a song and I’ll give it a go! 
Keep looking out for each other and remember #loveisbigger. 
Thanks again for all your support. Stay safe, wash your hands and keep looking up. 

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