And so the latest song here! And this is a bit of fun I think. You can download it for free or pay as much as you can afford. Here’s the link. Projects and Bits!I’ve been busy writing and recording for the next album. We had a target date of September to get it done, it looks like we’re going to be fairly close to that thanks to the wonders of remote recording. It really is sounding good so far. If you’ve not done so, you can pre-order the album here:
It really does help, particularly at times like this, when folk pre-order the album. Do check out the deals. June’s SongThis is important! June’s song will be out as a single on June 20th.  It really is a special song, written only a couple of weeks ago during lockdown. It’s called The Other Side and we’re releasing it to raise money for Global Care. I’ll be in touch with details of how you’ll be able reserve your copy, plus there’ll be a special video with it so do keep your ears and eyes pealed!

PLUS… This month I’ve been working on a collaboration project, which I’m really excited about, with the likes of Ricky Ross, Bob Halligan Jnr and Yvonne Lyon. I’ll tell you more next time… I was also involved in the recording of Coventry Church Collective’s version of The Blessing… 

AND Finally…
I’ve been so blessed by the comments, support and encouragement I’ve had from people who’ve sat in on live streams, downloaded songs and bought merchandise from the shop. I love the idea that we bless and are blessed by each other. All my latest songs are available for whatever you can afford so honestly, download them, share them around and bless people.
I’ve been asked how people can support what I do. With no gigs until the autumn, I’m plugging my online shop and live streams. If you want to support this, do check out the shop – if you want to leave a tip then please do it here. It all helps, so thanks. 

Do take care and keep smiling. See you on the other side!

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