So, Where Are We Now?

Well, we’re a week into 2021. I’ve held off doing a New Year blog post until now to give myself time to gather some thoughts and look ahead. Just when I think I’ve got something to write the news throws up some new twist or angle to life and I end up wondering where are we, really?

2020 was a tough year for so many people. Christmas capped it all and plans we had made were once again scuppered, families didn’t get to see each other, the reprieve we were looking forward too in the UK was pulled out form under our feet at the last minute and the holiday season was a muted affair.

So we’re heading into the new year with a hope that things can only get better but we’re in lockdown 3 and there’s little to smile about in the news.

Saying all that, I do think there’s reasons to hope and even to smile. I made a list just before the new year, of happy things that had happened through 202 and the list was longer than I thought. I had the time to create, write and record a new album. I spent more time with my wife than I have for a long time, we went on long local walks and talked about the next chapter in our lives. We got to know the neighbours better, had a gig in the street and a VE Day street party and capped the year with a huge drive in concert. And there were small things that in any normal year I would have forgotten about but now, in this weird time, I’ve learnt to value them more.

Here’s a video from the drive in gig of “The Other Side”. We will get through this. There’s no easy answers but in the muck and the mess of the world as it is there are treasures that we’d normally miss. We’ll keep digging them up this year – we need to to get through this.

Here’s the song – stay safe and well, be good and I’ll see you on the other side.

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